Over-the-road or OTR shipping is one of the most popular shipping modalities used today, with about 72% of all goods in the United States being shipped OTR. Due to its popularity, it is important to understand how it works, what the advantages are, and what solutions are best to keep your products safe during transit. 

What is OTR Shipping and How Does it Work?

OTR shipping is the transit method that is completed entirely by truck. Both national and international shipping is possible with the OTR modality, giving companies the ability to travel across multiple states or venture into Canada and Mexico. 

Not only is OTR shipping one of the most popular modalities, but it is also one of the safest and most efficient. 

Benefits of OTR Shipping

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Because these trucks can haul more weight than some other modalities, the number of trips needed can be reduced, thus saving you money on transportation. Additionally, drivers use GPS and tracking systems to use the most efficient route possible so they reach their destination in the shortest time. 

Product Safety

Truck drivers tend to have more control over their vehicles than operators of ships and planes do. They can make decisions and change course more quickly, giving them the ability to avoid hazards. Trucks are also able to handle inclement weather well, making them easier to operate in conditions that are less than ideal.

Fast Delivery Times

Trucks can cover large distances in a relatively short period of time, getting products to their destinations more quickly than other modalities. Additionally, with their ability to operate in inclement weather, shipping doesn’t have to stop just because the weather gets rough. 

The Best Freight Securement Products for Over-the-Road Shipping

Void Filler Panels and Collapsible Void Fillers

Void filler panels and collapsible void fillers are designed to prevent excess load shifting during transit. 

Various void filler panels are ideal for OTR shipping, including: 

  • SUNRISE SMALL CELL™  is a lightweight, honeycomb void filler used in both interior and exterior packaging and can be combined with other freight protection solutions. 
  • DIAMOND-PAK® is a large cell honeycomb bulkhead void filler that can withstand end-to-end impacts in OTR shipping; while filling void space both laterally and longitudinally. 
  • WOOD-PAK® combines corrugated honeycomb void filler with lumber, creating an affordable, lightweight, reusable solution that prevents end-to-end toppling. 

There are also numerous collapsible void fillers for OTR shipping: 

  • DIAMOND-CORR® and DIAMOND-CORR II® are collapsible void fillers that expand, preventing load shift in trailers. 
  • DIAMOND-FLOW® provides air circulation as well as void filling, making it a great choice for any shipment containing fresh produce or other products that require air circulation. 
  • MATCH BOOK® is a collapsible backed honeycomb filler that is ideal for preventing crosswise load shifting. Making the most of both warehouse space and protecting your shipment.
  • SADDLE-PAK® is a single pallet void filler, which assists with proper axle weight distribution by issuing more weight to the rear of the trailer while protecting against load shift. 
  • LEDGE-PAK® prevents lengthwise load shifting due to underhang of product on pallets. 

Corrugated Pallets and Sheets

Corrugated pallets and sheets are used frequently in the OTR modality. Both pallets and sheets are used to make loading and unloading easier and more efficient. Pallets can be used for double stacking products and reducing labor for loading and unloading.  Sheets are often used when shipping materials are stacked, as well as buffering products from sidewalls and from products rubbing in transit. 

Interior Packaging

Interior packaging encompasses multiple items and provides additional cushion and protection for your products. Our SUNRISE SMALL CELL(™) honeycomb may be used as protective padding, corner protectors, and inserts in custom product packaging to prevent product damage during rough transit conditions. 

Additional Freight Products

Ancillary freight products are critical to keeping your products secure while being transported. Some of the most important products in the OTR shipping modality include: 

  • Fiber and plastic slip sheets are a cost-effective replacement for wood pallets and are used to slide products on and off of trailers while also offering product stabilization. 
  • Chipboard is used as edge and strap protection, dust covers, pallet sheets, and pallet pads. 
  • ZRO-SHIFT® transit protection rubber matting replaces wood blocking and bracing securement methods and secures palletized case goods, roll paper, bulk bags, tile products, metal, and numerous other products.   
  • Security seals are available in multiple strengths and styles depending upon intended use from securement of containers (i.e. drums or bins) for tamper prevention to sealing trailer doors. 

Sunrise Manufacturing Has the Products and Knowledge to Handle All OTR Shipping Needs

For over 40 years, Sunrise Manufacturing has been dedicated to delivering innovative load securement solutions and transit protection products for a wide range of industries and modalities. We aim to reduce or eliminate damage to products with our void fillers — panels and collapsible —air bags, interior packaging, and more

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