intermodal shipping

Intermodal shipping involves the movement of products through multiple modes of transit, including rail, over-the-road (OTR), and ocean modalities. This modality is expected to grow by at least 17% by 2025, so you need to know what load securement options you have.

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Securement products used in intermodal shipping are unique because they need to provide protection through various modalities and loading and unloading. From the original loading of the freight container to moving from one modality to the next, Sunrise Manufacturing has an extensive list of securement solutions that protect your product throughout the process.


Our original collapsible void filler expands to fill gaps between loads, preventing lateral load shift during transit.

intermodal shipping Diamond Corr


This corrugated void filler is designed for singled-out units, preventing load shift and maintaining proper weight distribution.


Our honeycomb bulkhead void filler provides optimal freight securement over all modalities. Coming in a wide range of sizes, its strength and durability can be used for any application.

Diamond Pak


This lightweight, affordable, durable, and recyclable interior or exterior packaging is great for all modalities.


Air Bags

Used for filling voids, securing cargo, and absorbing impact, air bags are used for all types of modalities.

Air Bags

Additional Freight Protection Products

From fiber and plastic slip sheets to transit protection matting to stretch film, ancillary freight protection products are crucial to your securement solution.

Additional Freight Protection Products

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For over 40 years, Sunrise Manufacturing has been dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible freight securement solutions possible. We consider both your product and its shipping modality to create systems that prevent damage. With our extensive line of products, it is easy to find the right solution for your intermodal shipping needs.

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