Collapsible Void Fillers

Sunrise Manufacturing offers an array of collapsible void fillers which are available in a variety of sizes, widths, and drops to prevent lateral load shift. Our load securement experts will help you determine the best configuration for your shipment. When you’re ready to support your products and bottom line with the right collapsible void fillers, talk to our team to learn more.


The original void filler is expanded to fill voids between loads, to prevent load shift during transit. Void fillers are shipped flat, saving vital warehouse space.


Like the DIAMOND-CORR®, this filler expands to fill space between loads, preventing shifting. This larger, lighter-duty cell is a great economical lateral void filler.


Providing the same void-filling capabilities as the DIAMOND-CORR® fillers, this collapsible void filler provides superior air circulation, perfect for shipping fresh produce.


This collapsible void filler is a corrugated backed, foldable, and self-supporting honeycomb bulkhead filler. No hangers are needed for this free-standing load spacer. Our lightweight, inexpensive, reusable, and recyclable void filler is excellent for preventing crosswise load shifting. MATCH BOOK® collapsible fillers foldable design saves shippers warehousing space and inbound freight costs.

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SADDLE-PAK® corrugated void fillers are designed for singled out units providing maximum protection against load shift. SADDLE-PAK® helps maintain proper axle weight distribution by distributing more weight to the rear and away from the nose. Convenient, strong, lightweight and easy to use, SADDLE-PAK® stores flat and expands to fill the void on each side of the unit.


A corrugated bulkhead collapsible void filler system is used for the prevention of length-wise load shift due to pallet underhang. LEDGE-PAK® is patent protected: (US. Patent No. 8,308,411)

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