Food and Beverage

Shipping food and beverage products requires high-quality packaging and load securement solutions to keep your perishable goods protected and damage-free during transit. At Sunrise Manufacturing, we know how important it is that your food and beverage products arrive to your customers in optimal condition so we’ve developed a wide range of solutions to keep your products protected.

Whether you need to ship produce, cased goods, wine and spirits, canned goods, or more, we have expert load securement products for your needs. Read on to explore our superior solutions for shipping food and beverage products, and contact us today to see how we can help you.

Smarter Solutions for Shipping Food and Beverages

Void Filler

Our void filler panels prevent excess movement during transit, helping reduce the risk of product damage and making loading and unloading safer. We offer an array of void filler options, including DIAMOND-PAK® and SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ honeycomb options tailored to your precise needs.

Collapsible Void Filler

We offer a wide array of collapsible void filler solutions for shipping food and beverages, which are available in a variety of sizes, widths, and drops to prevent lateral load shifts. Some solutions best suited for food and beverage protection include DIAMOND-CORR®, SADDLE-PAK® and LEDGE-PAK®.

Custom Interior Packaging

Interior packaging is a vital part of protecting food and beverages during transit. Our corrugated die cut and SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ honeycomb options can be tailored to your unique needs and used for protective padding and void filler inserts, as well as unitizing and adding additional rigidity to your shipments.

Custom Interior Packaging

Corrugated Die Cut Packaging

When shipping food and beverage products, corrugated die cut packaging is a prime choice due to its cost-effective and lightweight but durable nature. Our die cut packaging is cut to fit your precise needs, and we offer trays, boxes, and even multi-use displays to provide the ultimate protection and value. Our roll-end trays in particular are designed to confine your canned and bottled products and mitigate the risk of spills.

Corrugated Die Cut Packaging

Additional Freight Protection Products

To complement our manufactured dunnage products, we offer a range of additional freight protection and packaging products you can use to set up your load securement plan for success when shipping food and beverages.

Our array of AAR-approved air bags adds a vital restraint and cushioning between packages and helps to fill voids while reducing the need for additional dunnage materials and saving you money. Our security seals also help secure and protect the container products are being transported in and can be used to enhance identification and tamper protection. Desiccants can reduce the risk of cargo damage due to condensation by helping maintain low humidity levels in closed-off environments like shipping containers and play a key role in preserving certain foods during the shipping process.

Contact Sunrise for Custom Packaging and Load Securement Solutions for Shipping Food and Beverages

For more than forty years, Sunrise Manufacturing has delivered unparalleled freight protection products to customers in need. Our partnerships with industry leaders like the Association of the American Railroads and others empower us to provide better freight protection products that meet critical standards so you can trust your products will arrive safely. We also work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions and expert load securement plans tailored to your needs.

When you want to level up your load securement plan for shipping food and beverages, contact our team to get started.