The boxcar modality and freight rail transportation make up an impressive 40% of long-distance shipping. With this modality being such a popular choice for so many industries, it is important to have the right freight protection plan in place for boxcar shipping. 

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Our AAR-approved void filler load securement systems focus on industrial and forestry products and are designed for either open or closed car shipments.


This large cell honeycomb void filler is a proven choice for boxcar securement. It is lightweight and customizable, providing optimal load securement.


A unique combination of our corrugated honeycomb void filler and lumber, WOOD-PAK® is a great replacement for plywood dividers.


Used for both interior and exterior packaging, SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ honeycomb is an economical and lightweight void filler panel that can be fully customized.


Our original collapsible void filler prevents load shift during transit and expands to fill voids of various sizes.

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At Sunrise Manufacturing we understand just how important it is to keep your products safe and damage-free during transit, regardless of modality. We have various products that are AAR-approved and the perfect boxcar securement solutions for you. 

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