Achieve Superior Textile Shipping

Textile shipping requires strategic packaging and void filler solutions to keep your products contained, within the proper environment and protected from the elements on the journey to their next destination. At Sunrise, we’ve spent nearly five decades producing leading packaging and freight protection solutions to solve the challenges faced within the textile industry and others, and we’re here to help you achieve the best results. Our wide variety of products and commitment to customized support will ensure you protect your textiles and your bottom line.

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Trusted Textile Shipping Solutions

Sunrise Small Cell Die Cut Packaging

Small Cell honeycomb die cut packaging is a vital asset for textile shipping.  Easily customizable to your specific product and load configuration.

Void Filler

Textiles can become damaged and misshapen if they’re not properly secured during transit. With void fillers like SUNRISE SMALL CELL or DIAMOND-PAK®, you can minimize the excess movement of your products. The cushion these void filler solutions provide will keep your products safely in place so they arrive at their destination undamaged.

Additional Freight Protection Products

Additional freight protection products like mats, tape, stretch film, buckles, and straps are key to completing your ideal load securement setup for textile shipping. These assets add further stability and protection to your textiles, helping to keep them in one place and serving as a protective layer against anything they might come into contact with. Textiles can also be packed strategically to save costs during shipping, and these additional products help you maximize the use of your space without putting your products at risk.

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Our products are also backed by our industry partnerships with the AAR and others to ensure we develop leading packaging and freight protection solutions with these best practices in mind. When you’re ready to experience the Sunrise difference with our reliable and advanced textile shipping solutions, we’re here to help.

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