Freight protection doesn’t stop at void filler and air bags. There are many ancillary products that are necessary for successful shipping. At Sunrise Manufacturing, we stock a variety of these additional freight protection and packaging products so we can be your one-stop shop for the entirety of your transit protection system. 

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Fiber and Plastic Slip Sheets

These thin, pallet-sized sheets are generally made from solid fiber or recyclable plastic and take the place of traditional pallets. Slip sheets are placed under the product and are used to push and pull that product on and off a trailer or boxcar. Slipsheets improve product stabilization, save valuable warehouse space, reduce transportation costs, and comply with import/export regulations.


Made from wood pulp, chipboard is thicker and stronger than other sheeted paper products. This product has various uses including: 

  • Edge and strap protectors
  • Pallet sheets
  • Pallet pads

Packaging Tapes

Finding the right packaging and protection materials is important, but so is finding the right packaging tape. This specialized tape is extremely durable and seals boxes so they can’t pop open during transit. There are various types of packaging tape depending on your application and shipping modality. 

Corner Board

Corner board is placed along the edges and corners of packaging or products in order to better unitize them for shipping and storage. Corner board provides additional stacking strength and protects product integrity.


We stock an array of Ty-Gard® flexible restraint systems that can be used to reduce product damage. Tested and Approved to secure dangerous goods and general cargo by the Association of American Railroads (AAR).

Transit Protection Matting

ZRO-SHIFT® replaces wood blocking and bracing securement systems and secures palletized case goods, roll paper, bulk bags, and related industrial products. Eliminates nail holes in trailer floors and damage to your product, reducing claim costs.

Stretch Film

Stretch film is a thin, stretchable plastic film that is often made from polyethylene – used to lock and secure products together as well as onto a pallet. The stretch film is wrapped around the pallet, applying tension, and enabling the film to extend its length (up to 300%), creating a force that allows it to be held in place.


Desiccants are used when transporting cargo to decrease the risk of cargo damage due to condensation. They help maintain low humidity levels in closed-off environments, such as shipping containers.

Non-Metallic Strapping

AAR-approved, grade 4, non-metallic strapping is used to secure products in shipping containers, trailers, and boxcars according to AAR, DOT, and FMCA guidelines.

Security Seals

Security seals are generally used on trailers, containers, and truck doors as a way to seal and secure the container that products are being shipped in. Additionally, they can be used on food or beverage products for identification and tamper prevention.

Sunrise Manufacturing is Your One-Stop Shop for All Freight Securement Products

At Sunrise Manufacturing, we aim to provide our customers with a complete freight securement system. From corrugated packaging to air bags to additional freight protection and packaging solutions, we have it all. Our team is happy to work closely with you to help design the best system for your product and shipping modality. 

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