Nearly 80% of all goods are moved via ocean shipping, making it one of the most commonly used shipping modalities. With ocean shipping, the time your products spend in transit is extensive, so it is important to have the right freight securement solutions.

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Due to the amount of time spent on the ship and unpredictable ocean conditions, securement solutions used in ocean shipping need to be durable and provide extensive protection. At Sunrise Manufacturing, we have various solutions that will keep your products secure and cushioned during transit. 

Honeycomb Bulkhead Panels

Our DIAMOND-PAK® and Sunrise Small Cell™ bulkhead panels are specifically designed to prevent load shifting during transit. At Sunrise Manufacturing, our unique honeycomb design allows our void filler panels to be lightweight, economical, recyclable, and durable.

Diamond Pak

Collapsible Void Fillers

Designed to prevent lateral load shifting, collapsible void fillers are a necessary addition to many modalities, including ocean shipping. Sunrise Manufacturing has a wide variety of collapsible void fillers including our original DIAMOND-CORR® and many others.

Corrugated Pallets

These lightweight, durable, recyclable pallets are a sustainable alternative to wood and metal pallets. Sunrise manufactures  both custom corrugated and honeycomb pallets to meet your needs.

Rubber Friction Matting

Our ZRO-SHIFT® rubber friction matting braces securement systems and secures pallets during transit. This transit protection matting is a great replacement to wood blocking, preventing unnecessary damage to your products. 

Ocean Shipping is Made Easy with Sunrise Manufacturing’s Securement Solutions

For four decades, Sunrise Manufacturing has been dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional load securement solutions. Our team will work closely with you to determine which solutions best fit the needs of your product and your chosen shipping modality

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