Getting bulk agricultural commodities such as rice, soybeans, corn, dry milk, protein powders, and a range of other agricultural products from one destination to the next requires strategic packaging and load securement solutions designed with this industry’s challenges in mind. At Sunrise Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of agricultural packaging and load securement solutions for your product to arrive in its best condition.

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Agricultural Packaging Products

Void Filler

Agricultural products can be damaged due to excess movement during transit, but void fillers offer key protection and stability to reduce this risk of damage. Explore our DIAMOND-PAK®, RAIL-PAK®, BIN-PAK™ and SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ honeycomb options to level up your agricultural packaging needs.

Void Filler

Collapsible Void Filler

Collapsible void filler offers the ultimate flexibility and protection to keep your agricultural products secure. We offer a variety of options that can be tailored to the size, width, and drop you need, including DIAMOND-CORR®, SADDLE-PAK®, LEDGE-PAK® MATCH BOOK® and more.

Collapsible Void Filler

Corrugated Die Cut Packaging

Die cut corrugated packaging is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor your trays, boxes, and multi-use displays to the needs of your agricultural products. It’s also a cost-effective choice that delivers the durability required to protect your products.

Air Bags

Our AAR-approved air bags offer a variety of benefits for your agricultural packaging needs, from void filling and protecting cargo in transit to absorbing impact. Air bags can fill larger void spaces and are a cost-effective solution for securing your load. Air bags are used in combination with our manufactured honeycomb dunnage to create a customized load securement solution specific to your product on the modality of shipping

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