Pneumatic Air Bags

Inflatable air bags are a great dunnage solution for a variety of products. Used for filling voids, securing and protecting cargo in transit, and absorbing impact,  these polywoven or kraft paper air bags are cost-effective, easy to install, and recyclable. 

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Polywoven and Paper Air Bags

These AAR-approved polywoven and kraft paper air bags are lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Coming in a variety of specifications and sizes, our experts will provide the best solution for your particular application.

Square Air Bag

This air bag option fills extra-large voids and provides more surface contact for enhanced load restraint. Square air bags can reduce your need for additional dunnage materials and labor, saving you money. These durable AAR-approved air bags have a gusseted, durable polypropylene outer shell that gives them tear and puncture resistance.


Designed to be a user-friendly, one-piece application, our BUF-BAG® provides added strength and support, for enhanced load securement. Each BUF-BAG® is customized for your application and comprised of a durable air bag sandwiched between two pieces of dunnage, which can include a variety of options from corrugated sheets, to DIAMOND-PAK® or Sunrise Small Cell™ honeycomb panels. This one-piece system can greatly reduce labor during installation.

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Our pneumatic air bags are a great void fill solution for products that need a little extra securement and protection.  Coming in various sizes, they can be fully customized to your product’s needs and your shipping modality

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