At Sunrise Manufacturing, we understand just how crucial it is that your products remain damage-free during transit. This is why we develop custom freight protection products for a wide range of industries. We partner with industry pillars like the Association of the American Railroads, so you know that when you partner with Sunrise Manufacturing, you are getting the best freight protection products on the market. 

Whether you are looking to ship food or building materials, we have the solutions you need to keep your products safe and secure. Explore the industries that we serve below or explore our products here

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Food & Beverage

When transporting food and beverage products, it is important to ensure they arrive damage-free and without contamination. Whether you are shipping canned goods, produce, or wine, our solutions can keep your products secure. Our roll-end trays are designed to confine canned or bottled products to prevent damage and spills.  


From soybeans to corn to meat products, keeping your agricultural products free from damage during transit is crucial. At Sunrise, we have all of the products needed to keep your wide range of agricultural products safe, including void filler panels, collapsible void fillers, air bags, and many others

Forest Products, Lumber, and Rollpaper

If you are shipping forest products, lumber, or rollpaper, it is important to have a freight protection partner that can handle all of your needs. Our corrugated packaging is a great option for shipping paper products and many of our ancillary products, like non-metallic strapping, are perfect for keeping lumber secure.

Interior Packaging

Making sure your products have sufficient interior packaging for your products can greatly reduce the risk of product damage during transit. Our die-cut corrugated can be designed to fit any need. We offer trays, boxes, caps, displays, and more. Our SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ honeycomb provides protective interior padding for various products.  


Textiles are shipped by many modalities and require specific protective packaging that will keep them damage-free until they reach their final location. Our void filler panels and collapsible void fillers prevent shifting and our air bags provide cushioning during transit. We offer various other freight protection products for your textile shipping needs.

Partner with Sunrise Manufacturing for Your Product’s Ideal Packaging Needs

From electronics to food and beverage, Sunrise Manufacturing has over forty years of experience providing high-quality freight protection solutions to a wide range of industries. From void fillers to air bags to interior packaging, we have all of the products needed to create the ideal custom load securement plan for your products.

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