cargo protection system

The OTR modality is one of the most popular shipping methods in the United States. With over 70% of all goods in the United States shipped via over-the-road shipping, having the right load securement solution is critical to the protection of your product.

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Over-the-road protection solutions can be tailored to your product’s exact needs and specifications. At Sunrise Manufacturing, we will work closely with you to understand those needs and create custom dunnage solutions that keep your product damage-free.


This honeycomb bulkhead void filler is a great dunnage choice for all modalities due to its wide array of sizes and ability to withstand end-to-end impacts.

Diamond Pak


WOOD-PAK® is made from our unique combination of corrugated honeycomb and lumber, making it a lighter-weight, reusable option that prevents toppling.


Whether you are looking for interior or exterior packaging, this void filler is a lightweight, recyclable option for even the heaviest of freight loads.

void panel


Expanding to fill voids between loads, our original collapsible void filler helps prevent lateral load shift during transit..

intermodal shipping Diamond Corr


Providing maximum protection against load shift and maintaining the right axle weight distribution, this void filler is designed for single units.

Additional Freight Protection Products

Whether you need security seals for truck doors or stretch film to secure products together on a pallet, we have you covered. .

Additional Freight Protection Products

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No matter what load securement solution you need, Sunrise Manufacturing can help. We have all of the products you need to keep your loads secure and damage-free during OTR transportation.

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