Die cut boxes are sturdy, fully customizable corrugated packaging that can be used for a variety of shipping needs. A strong asset to many industries, these boxes deliver the durable, protective nature you require and offer unique sustainability and cost savings. They can be customized to suit your specific product and match your size specifications.

When you partner with a manufacturer for your die cut boxes, they will create a unique die cut box template digitally, then use a die-cutting machine to create your die line. A die line is what the die-cutting machine uses to know exactly where to through-cut, where to crease, and where to perforate the corrugated material. With a skilled team on your side, you can ensure your boxes meet your precise requirements every time. 

This lightweight, but protective, shipping option can be tailored to best serve your unique applications. Read on to explore the advantages of custom die cut boxes and how you can partner with the right packaging manufacturer for your needs. 

Advantages of Die Cut Boxes

These boxes have many applications and many advantages, making them the chosen shipping option for many. 


Die cut boxes are made of durable corrugated cardboard, providing excellent protection to keep your products safe and secure during the transit cycle.


These boxes are naturally lightweight without losing any of their extraordinary strength. This keeps shipping costs down and allows you to more easily manage the weight of your shipments.

Easy to Customize

Die cut boxes are fully customizable, offering you an array of customization opportunities. Tailor your packaging to the size you need and customize it with your brand’s colors and designs to impress your customers and raise brand awareness. 


These boxes are a more sustainable choice than some packaging alternatives. The corrugated materials used are fully recyclable. 


Die cut boxes are a strong asset for businesses in many industries and can be used to contain a wide range of products.  


Without compromising on quality, die cut boxes are naturally cost-effective since they only require one machine for manufacturing. Corrugated materials used for these boxes are also lower in cost, allowing you to save money while still achieving strong durability.

How to Partner with the Right Packaging Manufacturer

When deciding which expert packaging manufacturer to partner with for your die cut boxes, there are a few key factors to take into consideration. 

Order Minimums

Some packaging manufacturers require you to place steep order minimums, which can be costly and force you to find storage space for packaging you aren’t ready to use yet. At Sunrise Manufacturing, we don’t believe in order minimums, which allows you to get the exact amount of packaging you need, right when you need it. 

Lead Times 

Some packaging partners take forever to finalize and deliver your boxes, meaning your product shipment is delayed. Our team at Sunrise Manufacturing understands that timing is everything. We keep our lead times low so we are never stalling your product shipments. 


When evaluating your packaging partners, pay attention to ways they are trying to keep your costs low. At Sunrise Manufacturing, we provide cost-effective packaging solutions that consider our customers’ budgets and timeline constraints. 


The facilities, location, and equipment of your packaging manufacturer need to be a good fit to serve your needs best. Our advanced facility based in Rancho Cordova, California is equipped with the team and technology necessary to deliver high-quality die cut boxes that meet your exact requirements. 

Contact Sunrise Manufacturing for Better Die Cut Boxes

At Sunrise Manufacturing, we are committed to delivering high-quality boxes to serve the needs of our customers. We are experts in corrugated shipping materials and freight securement options. Whether you are shipping something by ocean, truck, boxcar, or a combination, we have the best corrugated shipping options for you. 

Our commitment to sustainability never ends, from our expanded waste diversion and recycling capabilities to our freight protection products made from post-consumer waste content. All of our manufactured products are 100% recyclable to reduce our carbon footprint. When you partner with us for your freight protection needs and die cut boxes, you can count on ultimate product protection and strong sustainability. 

Contact our team of experts at Sunrise Manufacturing to get started on your custom die cut box journey.