Achieving product protection to the highest degree possible doesn’t stop at product packaging alone. Additional load securement products like tape, stretch film, or security seals offer vital protection and play a key role in keeping your products safe through the shipping process. As you seek to protect your bottom line, leverage these vital assets to ensure your products arrive safely.

These freight protection products work in tandem with your custom corrugated packaging to help you reduce product loss and provide the ultimate dunnage protection every time. When you partner with a load securement solutions company, you can count on personalized support to help you identify what products should be included in your ideal securement system. You can also identify cost-saving opportunities that let you manage your shipping costs while enjoying the benefits of a more stable, protective system.

Read on to explore ky load securement products to consider to level up the safety of your next shipment. 

Key Load Securement Products to Consider

Fiber and Plastic Slip Sheets

These thin, pallet-sized sheets take the place of traditional pallets, serving as spots you can place your products atop. Their design limits excess motion to your products, and they improve product stabilization, save space, and reduce transportation costs.


This sturdy solution is thicker and stronger than other sheeted paper products, offering enhanced durability for your products. It’s often used in pallet pads, pallet sheets, and edge and strap protectors, so you can tailor it to the products your shipments would most benefit from.

Packaging Tapes

Packaging tape is a specialized tape that helps contain your products by keeping boxes sealed through transit. It’s highly durable and customizable for your requirements.


Cornerboard protects the edges and corners of packaging and helps to unitize products for shipping. It also adds additional stacking strength, a priority for many so you can further maximize your space.


TY-GARD(R)  is a strategic flexible restraint system. It’s approved by the AAR to secure dangerous and general goods and is designed to deliver proper restraint without damaging any of your products.

Transit Protection Matting

Transit protection matting serves to protect both the trailer floors and your products. It secures palletized goods and replaces wood blocking and bracing securement systems. It also helps eliminate nail holes in the floor and reduces the risk of damage to your product. 

Stretch Film

This polyethylene film creates a strong force to secure products in place when wrapped around them. It’s thin and highly stretchable but still maintains its strength so it doesn’t rip under pressure.


Desiccants decrease cargo damage due to the condensation that can occur through the shipping process. They maintain the low humidity levels that your products require for the safest travel. 

Non-Metallic Strapping

Non-metallic strapping represents AAR-approved grade 4 strapping, which secures your products and adheres to major guidelines from AAR, DOT, and FMCA.

Security Seals

Security seals secure products that are shipped in a container. They can be used for enhanced identification to make it easier to identify your products more quickly, and they also provide tamper prevention protection on food and beverage products.

Find the Right Load Securement Products with Sunrise Manufacturing

At Sunrise Manufacturing, we’re a one-stop shop for the best load securement products on the market, from custom corrugated solutions to enhanced additional products like corner board and stretch film that empower you with safer shipping. With our solutions and support, you can create a custom load securement plan that factors in every consideration necessary to achieve the safest transit for your products. 

As a company, we’re committed to meeting every industry standard to ensure your products adhere to all requirements. Our partnerships and relationships with the Class I Railroads, the Association of American Railroads, and the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters help us achieve just that. From these long-lasting collaborative engagements, we leverage industry insights and our expertise to create better, safer products that meet necessary specifications.

Our products are highly sustainable in nature, empowering you to address your eco-conscious goals and fulfill the rising customer demand for sustainable products. We produce load securement solutions for a range of modalities, from ocean to boxcar and more, and tailor our plans to best serve your needs. When you want to find the right load securement products customized to your product and requirements, turn to our team.

Talk to our team to discuss the ideal load securement products for your shipping needs.