Void fill is an integral component in achieving proper load securement and keeping your products protected throughout their transit. Durable, yet flexible in how it can be applied, void fillers help prevent shifting and provide the necessary support to keep your products safe and in place. Void fill solutions empower you to enjoy safer shipping in a proven, cost-effective manner, and some can be reused so you can maximize the value of your investment.

At Sunrise, we offer a wide range of void fill solutions that can be tailored to your precise requirements. Our void fillers are available in many sizes to best suit your needs, and we offer both collapsible and non-collapsible options depending on your preferences. We work hand-in-hand with your team to find the best solution for your specific application so you can count on excellent freight protection tailored to your unique needs.

Learn more about how to find the right void fill solutions, and why Sunrise is the perfect partner.

Exploring Void Fill Solutions 

At Sunrise, we offer two types of void filler systems: standard void filler panels and collapsible. Not sure which would best suit your needs? Read on to explore their differences, and contact our team for custom support.

Void Filler Panels  

Sturdy and durable, these products offer security to your shipments and also make loading and unloading safer. They’re available in a wide range of sizes so you can ensure the perfect fit, and offer a variety of compression strengths to deliver the strength and functionality you demand. At Sunrise, our standard void filler panels include:

    • SUNRISE SMALL CELL® – This option delivers a unique honeycomb design that makes it lightweight and economical, yet still incredibly durable to support the heaviest of freight loads. 
    • DIAMOND-PAK® Void Filler – This proven honeycomb bulkhead void filler is available in rounded, contoured, wedge, and other shapes, and it withstands end-to-end impacts in boxcar, intermodal, ocean, and OTR transportation.
    • WOOD-PAK® Void Filler – This unique honeycomb void filler combines corrugated materials with lumber to replace plywood dividers with a less expensive and recyclable alternative.
    • M-PAK® Void Filler – Reusable and AAR-approved, this unique and reusable void filler is the shrink-wrapped version of the SUNRISE SMALL CELL.®.
  • RAIL-PAK® Void Filler – This versatile void filler system includes BIN-PAK™, DRUM-PAK™, and LUMBER-PAK™ to deliver industry-driven solutions better suited to unique transportation needs.

Collapsible Void Filler 

This highly customizable option collapses, adding space-saving benefits, multi-use capabilities, and airflow. It’s available in a multitude of sizes and can be tailored to your precise requirements, and it’s shipped flat to save vital warehouse space. At Sunrise, our collapsible void filler offerings include:

  • DIAMOND-CORR® – The original void filler, this solution is designed to expand to fill voids between loads and prevent load shift.
  • DIAMOND-CORR Ⅱ® – This void filler has larger cells and serves as a great economical lateral void filler for lighter-duty needs.
  • DIAMOND-FLOW® – This void filler echoes the DIAMOND-CORR® fillers in capabilities, but provides superior air circulation, ideal for shipments like produce that require strategic humidity control.
  • MATCH BOOK® – This filler is corrugated backed, foldable, and self-supporting, with the same honeycomb shape that delivers enhanced load securement control. 
  • SADDLE-BOOK® – Designed for singled-out units, this unique corrugated void filler helps maintain proper axle weight distribution and stores flat then expands to fill a void on each side of the unit within a saddle shape.
  • LEDGE-PAK® – This solution prevents length-wise load shift due to pallet underhang and is patent-protected.

Seeking Void Fill Solutions? Partner with Sunrise 

Sunrise Manufacturing has delivered industry-leading void fill solutions to businesses across the United States for decades. Our solutions empower organizations from a wide range of industriesfood & beverage, agricultural, chemical, lumber, and more — with a tailored solution designed to solve unique challenges and facilitate safer shipping. With our solutions, you can count on the ultimate freight protection using the best products for your application, whether you require traditional void fillers or collapsible options instead.

Our company designs every product to fit the standards set by the Class Ⅰ Railroads, the Association of the American Railroads, and more. These decades-long collaborations allow us to leverage key industry insights and expertise to create better solutions for our customers. If the safety of your shipments and your loading and unloading process is a top priority, trust our team to provide proven solutions for your challenges.

We’re your one-stop shop for high-quality load securement solutions, from void filler to corner board and stretch film, and much more. Our support ensures your needs are met from start to finish, and we’re here to help you achieve your sustainability initiatives with our eco-friendly solutions too. Our superior systems empower users with enhanced customization and performance so you can enjoy a tailored solution that truly addresses your challenges in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Discover the right void fill solutions for your application when you contact our team today.