Void fillers are essential for keeping your cargo in place and supported throughout the transit cycle. They expand to fill space and position your products in the right spots to achieve ultimate safety and space efficiency. There are many types of filler to choose from, but one choice rises above the rest due to its unique style, lightweight nature, and sustainability: honeycomb void fillers.

Honeycomb void fillers offer cost-effective support without compromising quality. Their unique pattern provides strong support while remaining flexible and lightweight for easier usage. Often made from corrugated materials, users can also enjoy the benefits of this sustainable and sturdy material that’s naturally cost-effective yet more durable than some common alternatives. 

At Sunrise, our innovative honeycomb fillers provide product protection and come in many styles so you can find your perfect match. Our options are always tailored to the needs of our customers, enabling you to discover the precise solution best suited to your product, industry, modality, and more. Below, learn more about these unique solutions, and how to find the best fit for your shipment.

Exploring Honeycomb Void Fillers and Their Advantages

Honeycomb void fillers are created from durable and sustainable corrugated materials and have a unique pattern that resembles a bee’s honeycomb. This shape offers reliable support when filling voids, maximizing your product protection while being cost-effective. 

Some benefits include:


Our honeycomb void fillers are produced from high-quality corrugated materials, which are sustainable and recyclable. This allows you to level up your sustainability while relying on strong void fillers to protect and secure your products.


Honeycomb void fillers are competitive in cost and help you to stay within budget while using the best load securement solution for your needs. Their unique storage capabilities and lightweight nature also help you save money on shipping. 

High Compression Strength

These honeycomb void fillers are known for their strength and durability and are equipped to handle your needs, even with large or heavy cargo. Count on their high compression strength to keep your products protected from start to finish. 


The lightweight nature of honeycomb void fillers make them even easier to transport or store when not in usage. Storage space is valuable, and by keeping your void fillers light and flexible, you can enjoy cost savings.


These void fillers are highly versatile, ensuring you can tailor them to your precise needs. Enjoy a custom solution when you choose honeycomb void fillers from a skilled manufacturer like Sunrise. 

Our Honeycomb Void Fillers

At Sunrise, we offer a diverse range of honeycomb void filler solutions.

  • SUNRISE SMALL CELLThis choice is ideal for exterior and interior packaging and load securement and offers a recyclable replacement for foam with high compression strength. It’s ideal in many settings, from filling headspace in tomato bins to protecting windows and doors through transit. 
  • DIAMOND-PAK®This lightweight solution comes in many sizes and styles and can be used for end-to-end support. Choose it for many modalities, from boxcars to intermodal, ocean, and OTR transport.
  • DIAMOND-CORR® This collapsible option expands to fill voids between loads and ships flat to save warehouse space. 
  • LEDGE-PAK®This unique style prevents length-wise load shift that occurs due to pallet underhand. It’s patent-protected and collapsible, offering storage benefits. 
  • MATCH BOOK®The matchbook-style is corrugated backed, foldable, and self-supporting, and serves as a free-standing load spacer to prevent crosswise load shifting. 

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At Sunrise, we strive to serve our customers with better dunnage and packaging solutions that protect your products and bottom line. With our expertise, reliable equipment, and five advanced facilities, we’re able to provide superior packaging and load securement solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. Our innovative honeycomb void fillers provide superior protection at a lower cost.

In addition to void fillers selected to solve your unique challenges, you can count on us to be a one-stop shop with air bags, straps, anti-friction mats, and more. Each of our solutions is designed to help you achieve superior safety and we work with your team to understand your needs and develop a custom load securement plan that you can follow. These plans are also guided by industry standards and our powerful partnerships with the Association of the American Railroads and others. 

Whether you require solutions for the ocean, boxcar, OTR, or intermodal modalities, or any industries ranging from agriculture to paper mill products and many more, we’re here to help. We’ve served a diverse range of businesses over the decades, and we’re equipped to deliver a customized solution based on your product and needs. 

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