Keeping your products damage-free during transit leads to happier consumers and a decrease in lost profit. Having the right load securement solutions in place can help you keep your products safe as they make their way to your customers. There are various securement products on the market, and it may be overwhelming trying to navigate all of their properties to find the right fit for your needs. The experts at Sunrise Manufacturing have created a load securement checklist to help you find the perfect solution.

Finding the Right Shipping Modality

Knowing which shipping modality you are planning on using to transport your product is crucial to finding the right freight protection system. There are four main options to choose from when looking into modalities, including boxcar, intermodal, over-the-road (OTR), or ocean. 

Each of these modalities requires different load securement solutions. If you are planning on moving your cargo via boxcar, you will need to make sure your freight protection products are AAR-approved. Intermodal transit will require protection solutions that can withstand moving from one modality to another. Lightweight and durable solutions are needed for OTR transit, and friction matting and void fillers are needed during ocean transit so there isn’t movement when the sea gets rough.  

Product Packaging

The right exterior corrugated packaging can keep your product safe from outside elements and potential damage caused by shifting in the transit vehicle. Custom corrugated packaging can be created to fit your product perfectly, preventing it from moving around within the box as it is moved from location to location, or modality to modality. 

Die-Cut Boxes

Die-cut boxes are customized to fit the specific needs of your products perfectly. They can be created for nearly all products, so they are a great fit for a wide range of industries. 

Full Telescoping Style

These boxes have a separate top and bottom portion, making them a good choice for transporting beverages, parts, and delicate produce. 

Roll-End Trays

These trays confine round containers, such as cans or bottles, so they do not shift, roll, or move around during transit. 

Interior Packaging

Products moving around within their own boxes can cause severe damage, so implementing interior packaging that fits the needs of your product can protect them from moving around too much. Interior packaging can be customized, just like product packaging can, to provide the perfect fit. 

Die-Cut Corrugated Products

Trays, boxes, caps, and displays are all created through die-cutting. These corrugated products are customized and designed to fit products of any shape or size.  


Our unique honeycomb design creates a lightweight protection option that can be placed within boxes to fill voids and provide cushioning. SUNRISE SMALL CELL void filler has a compression strength of 10-69 PSI and can protect both heavy and light loads. 

Void Fillers

Designed to keep shipments from moving and shifting during transit, void fillers prevent damage to cargo. There are various kinds of void fillers, including panels, collapsible void fillers, and air bags

Void Filler Panels

Designed to keep shipments secure and prevent load shifting, void filler panels are a great protection option for products being shipped via boxcar, ocean, or OTR modalities. Sunrise Manufacturing carries a wide range of void filler panels: 

  • SUNRISE SMALL CELL can be used as both interior and exterior packaging, providing compression strength in voids and cushioning for products.
  • DIAMOND-PAK® is a bulkhead void filler that can be used in boxcar, intermodal, ocean, and OTR transit, providing optimal protection for products. It can also come with contoured edges, rounded edges, and corners to snugly fit the space required.  
  • WOOD-PAK® combines corrugated honeycomb void filler and lumber as a lightweight replacement for lumber dividers. 
  • M-PAK® is a shrink-wrapped version of our SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ void filler. It is AAR-approved and great for bin shipments. 
  • RAIL-PAK® is a very versatile void filler solution that is AAR-approved, making it ideal for boxcar transit. 

Collapsible Void Fillers

These void fillers are specifically designed to prevent lateral load shifting during transit. They are specifically good for OTR transit. Here are the various products that Sunrise Manufacturing offers: 

  • DIAMOND-CORR® expands, filling the space between loads and preventing shifting during transit. 
  • DIAMOND-CORR II® is lighter-duty than the original DIAMOND-CORR®, however, it still protects against shifting.
  • DIAMOND-FLOW® has the same capabilities as DIAMOND-CORR®, however, it provides air circulation due to its perforated surface making it a great protection product for shipping fresh produce.
  • MATCH BOOK® is a corrugated backed void filler that is foldable and self-supporting. It serves as a load spacer, preventing crosswise load shifting.
  • SADDLE-PAK® is designed to protect singled-out units against load shifting to safeguard products and maintain proper axle weight. 
  • LEDGE-PAK® is a bulkhead collapsible void filler used to prevent lengthwise load shifting. 

Air Bags

These inflatable bags are used to fill voids, secure and protect cargo, and absorb impact during transit. They are a great choice for a wide range of products and transit modalities, and they are AAR-approved. At Sunrise Manufacturing, we carry various types of air bags to meet your needs: 

  • Polywoven and Paper Air Bags are lightweight and durable. Since they come in a wide variety of sizes, we will always be able to provide you with the best option for your application.
  • Square Air Bags fill large voids and, due to their large surface area, provide more load restraint. They also may save you money on other dunnage materials. 
  • BUF-BAG® is an air bag set between two pieces of dunnage, such as corrugated sheets. It provides enhanced support for products and can greatly reduce product damage.  


Choose Sunrise Manufacturing as Your Load Securement Partner

Even with a comprehensive load securement check list, partnering with an experienced and reliable load securement specialist can ensure you find the perfect solutions for your products. When you work with Sunrise Manufacturing, our load securement specialists will work with you to create custom freight protection solutions, combining various products from our catalog

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