Sustainability is a growing priority for consumers and businesses alike. In one study, 46% of surveyed Americans reported that they’re willing to pay more for a product when the packaging is eco-conscious. Another 58% shared that they’re more likely to choose products with sustainable packaging. As customers become more concerned with the sustainability of the products they purchase and their packaging, shifting to eco-friendly packaging solutions can help you meet the demands of your buyers in a cost-effective and high-quality manner.

When you partner with the right packaging manufacturer, you can count on eco-friendly void fill packaging to offer superior protection to your products while also protecting the planet. This ensures that you support your bottom line and better appeal to customers dedicated to sustainability. Learn more about sustainable packaging options, their benefits, and how Sunrise Manufacturing can help.

Exploring Eco-Friendly Void Fill Packaging Options 

Eco-friendly void fill packaging is made from sustainable and high-quality materials, such as corrugated materials, over alternatives like weaker cardboard or non-sustainable plastic. Corrugated materials can be recycled again and again, extending their lifetime usage without reducing their stability. This stands in sharp contrast to plastic and single-use packaging products, which more and more customers have begun to avoid.

Corrugated materials are used for a variety of packaging solutions and freight protection products, known for their strength and customization. When you choose corrugated void fill packaging, it can be customized to the size and shape you require and can be designed to fit perfectly around your products. You can enjoy stronger packaging capable of protecting your products through the duration of your transit while providing the sustainable edge that you’re seeking. 

At Sunrise, we offer a wide range of sustainable void fill packaging options that can be tailored to your precise needs. This includes both collapsible and non-collapsible options, based on your preference. Some of our solutions include:

    • SUNRISE SMALL CELL – A proven void filler with high compression strength and a unique honeycomb design that helps it support the heaviest of freight loads.
    • DIAMOND-PAK® – Large Cell corrugated honeycomb, this solution can be used in conjunction with an air bag and helps prevent the shifting and potential damage of your products.
    • RAIL-PAK® – This void filler system encompasses three specialized securement systems designed for specific modalities and products. 
    • DIAMOND-CORR® – Designed to expand and fill voids between loads, this collapsible option helps you protect your products while saving warehouse space due to its ability to be stored flat.
    • And more! 

Explore our collapsible and traditional void fillers today to leverage their advantages. 

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Void Fill Packaging 

Void fill packaging from the right packaging partner that is created with sustainability in mind offers four key advantages:


Eco-friendly void fill packaging produced from premium corrugated materials is highly durable and capable of withstanding a challenging shipment journey without compromising the protection of your products. This stability makes it a prime choice for businesses who want to keep their products safe while choosing reusable or recyclable void fill packaging options.


Eco-friendly void fill packaging is naturally cost-effective. Some companies may fear that making the switch to more sustainable packaging or freight protection solutions could ramp up their costs. Corrugated solutions serve as the perfect opportunity to protect your bottom line while considering the footprint of your shipment supplies. Save money and boost your sustainability when you turn to quality corrugated void fill packaging.


With the right partner, your sustainable void fill packaging will remain highly customizable to your needs. Your void fill solutions can be tailored to the exact sizes and shapes you need, and the right partner may offer additional specialized options for your unique products. At Sunrise, we’ve created a variety of eco-friendly void fill packaging designed with the challenges of your unique products and shipping modalities in mind, and we’re confident that with our team, you can enjoy a tailored load securement solution that delivers maximum protection to your cargo. 

Ideal for Meeting Sustainability Initiatives and Customer Demand 

As more customers begin to expect businesses to use sustainable packaging options, shifting to corrugated void fill packaging can help satisfy this demand without sacrificing the strength and functionality of your freight protection. Many businesses also have sustainability initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and introduce more eco-conscious solutions into their operations, and leveling up to quality eco-friendly void fill packaging is a strong step in achieving your sustainability goals while keeping your products protected. 

Contact Sunrise Manufacturing for Superior Sustainable Void Fill Packaging Today

At Sunrise, we are committed to delivering superior sustainable solutions for our customers that provide the ultimate freight protection. Our certifications and industry partnerships with the Association of American Railroads empower us with the insight and expertise necessary to produce industry-leading packaging and freight protection solutions. 

We use high-quality sustainable materials for many of our wide array of products, which includes eco-friendly void fill packaging, die cut packaging, and more. Our sustainability philosophy ensures that our customers can leverage packaging solutions designed with both their needs and the planet in mind. When you work with Sunrise, you never have to sacrifice functionality for being eco-conscious — our products offer maximum protection and sustainability. 

We serve a variety of industries with smarter packaging solutions, including food and beverage, forestry products, and more. We also tailor our packaging to the shipping modality of our customers to ensure the best results are achieved. Contact our team today to learn more about our eco-friendly void fill packaging offerings and find the best products for your needs.