Die cut packaging delivers enhanced customization and efficiency to product manufacturers leveraging it to create custom shipping solutions. When you want to enjoy tailored packaging that precisely matches your requirements in a lower cost manner, turn to box die cut packaging and a strategic die cutter to produce premium custom solutions.

When designing your product box, die cut packaging allows you to create a unique and brand-accurate design as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. It also delivers enhanced value because once you create a custom die, you can enjoy high-volume productions with ease thanks to an efficient and highly accurate cutting process. This will help you get your packaging faster and ensure you always have enough ready to meet demand.

Read on to learn more about the advantages and how you can design the best product box with die cut packaging – and how the Sunrise team can help. 

Advantages of Choosing Box Die Cut Packaging 

Producing your product packaging box with die cut packaging techniques offers many advantages, including: 

  • Sustainable – Box die cut packaging is highly sustainable both due to its naturally eco-conscious corrugated material and due to its unique production. Because your die can be used again and again, it’s designed more sustainably and helps you support your bottom line while protecting the planet. 
  • More Efficient  – Producing this packaging is more efficient than its counterparts, enabling you to move through high-volume production more quickly and eliminate wasted time.
  • Greater ROI – After you pay for the production of a custom die, you can use the sturdy metal asset again and again to create larger volumes of your packaging with ease.
  • More Customization – With die cut packaging, you can enjoy enhanced customization opportunities that allow you to design and produce your packaging to meet your precise specifications. 

Our Top Tips for Designing a Product Box with Die Cut Packaging

Ready to leverage the power of box die cut packaging? Follow these top tips to ensure the best result. 

Consider Your Product 

Every product has different needs in the shipping process to keep them safe. Whether you’re shipping chemical products that must adhere to set standards to avoid contamination or hazards, or you’re shipping fragile glass products that require enhanced care, your unique products will determine the best die cut packaging to keep them safe and sound throughout transit. A skilled packaging producer like Sunrise can help you determine the ideal solution and approach for your products so you can count on expert solutions and superior results.

Consider Your Modality 

The packaging required for box car transport may be different from an ocean journey – factor this in as you design your packaging. Each modality brings unique challenges that must be considered, and some products may use multiple shipping modalities to journey to their final destination, adding further complexity to the shipment process. With the right partner on your side, you can create custom box die cut packaging capable of withstanding your shipping modality of choice and keeping your product protected. 

Build Your Branding 

Die cut packaging is flexible and an ideal canvas to build your brand. Consider how you can infuse color or shape elements within your box die cut packaging to stand out. Your packaging is an opportunity to bring your brand to life and wow your customers, so leverage the expertise and capabilities of your partner to infuse it with your unique branding. Die cut packaging offers further customization than some alternatives, making it the perfect choice for vibrant, eye-catching packaging. 

Partner with the Right Die Cutter 

The capabilities of your partner are key. Partnering with a die cutter that can handle every step of your project in-house and tailor your packaging to your precise requirements will ensure you’re prepared for success. At Sunrise, we use a state-of-the-art rotary die cutter to customize our corrugated packaging and deliver exceptional results that protect your product and impress your customers. Our services and consultative approach ensure that your investment in quality custom packaging supports your bottom line and delivers the maximum value.

Partner with Sunrise for Better Packaging Today 

At Sunrise, we deliver die cut packaging solutions for businesses to leverage and achieve greater results in the safe transit of your products and how you can connect with your customers. We serve a wide variety of industries with custom corrugated packaging, and our solutions are driven by industry standards and the expertise of our partnerships with the American Railroads and others.

In addition to die cut packaging, we serve as your single-source provider of freight protection equipment, including void fillers, air bags, slip sheets and much more. Our approach ensures your needs are met every step of the way, and our sustainable solutions help you meet your eco-friendly initiatives without compromising quality. 

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