Die cut boxes are a great option for companies looking to customize their packaging. They are created by cutting sheets of corrugated material with a custom-made die, allowing you to create packaging that fits your exact needs. You can choose from various shapes and styles to ensure your packaging is the right size and shape for your product and brand.

How Are Custom Die Cut Boxes Manufactured?

Before you can begin the process of die cutting, the dieline must be made. This highlights the cuts, folds, embossing, and any other cutouts of the package in its flat form. The dieline is used to create a representation of the packaging design so you can get an idea as to what the box will look like before spending money producing the necessary tooling.

After the dieline is created, the custom die cut packaging will be manufactured and printed. Various types of cutting and shaping can accomplish the desired look. These different types of cutting and shaping include:


  • Through-Cutting: die cuts through the corrugated material, leaving edges and cutouts in the packaging
  • Creasing: establishes a fold line on the material, making the package more flexible so you can create a wider variety of shapes
  • Scoring: creates textures and imprints on the material, and can alter the shape of the box without cutting all the way through
  • Perforating: the die creates a line of holes that weaken parts of the package so they can be bent or torn

Advantages of Custom Die Cut Boxes


Custom die cutting allows companies to create boxes of any style, size, or shape. It is also possible to add different cutouts, colors, or embellishments, like a brand logo or a window to see the product.

Market Your Brand

With printing added to the die cutting process, companies can choose to have their logo or slogan printed onto the box, giving their customers a visually appealing package. Additionally, this packaging can be customized and specialized to provide a high-quality unboxing experience for customers. Dies can also be reused meaning you can use the same die to put your logo or slogan on multiple products, creating brand recognition.


Custom die cut boxes can save you money when it comes to packaging and transit costs. Since they are designed to fit your product specifically, you will reduce the cost of other packaging materials. Additionally, when your box fits your product perfectly, it takes up less space during transit, saving shipping costs.


Corrugated material is very easy to recycle even with logos or slogans printed on it. When you choose to use custom die cut boxes, you can rest assured that they can be recycled. This is also great for your brand, as consumers are becoming more drawn to brands that use sustainable materials for packaging.


It is important for specialty or fragile items to have packaging that will fit perfectly and offer the right securement and protection. This is where die cut boxes come in. These boxes provide impact and shifting securement. Since die cut boxes can easily be customized, additional safety features can be added to the box, such as protective padding, corner protectors, and void fillers that provide even more protection.

Design your Custom Die Cut Boxes with Sunrise Manufacturing

At Sunrise Manufacturing, our highly customizable corrugated die cutting capabilities allow us to create products that are designed to fit any size, shape, or application. Our die cut boxes can be customized to serve as retail packaging or industrial bulk packaging, and our die cut trays and SUNRISE SMALL CELL™ can be used as further freight securement.

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