Building a custom cargo protection system requires a strategic understanding of what load securement solutions best fit your product and modality – and how to implement them in the most effective way for loading and unloading. With the right system, you can make the shipping process safer for your products and your team. This will keep your bottom line protected and ensure you’re adhering to necessary safety standards within your workplace. 

At Sunrise, we are a one-stop shop delivering expert support and industry-leading packaging solutions to help our customers develop the best cargo protection system for their needs. We offer an extensive range of products that can be used to support your total packaging and freight protection needs, from corrugated die cut product packaging to void fill, air bags, and strapping to keep everything secure. When you need a custom cargo protection plan, turn to our team. 

Read on to explore the dangers of working without a strong protection system, how you can begin building your own, and how we can support you.

The Harms of Operating Without a Strategic Cargo Protection System

The way that you load and unload your products, coupled with the packaging and freight protection you use to support them, plays a key role in keeping your cargo safe through the duration of transit. No matter your modality, the shipping process can cause your products to shift and move throughout the journey. Not using the proper protection for your needs may cause them to pose a hazard when your team opens up the box car, shipping container, or trailer to start unloading. 

A cargo protection system helps keep everything in place and fills any empty spaces to offer enhanced protection to your goods. Without the right system tailored to your unique needs, you may not achieve the safest shipping and you put your products and your teams at risk. This can cost you money and time and prevent you from meeting necessary safety standards. To keep your teams and your bottom line safe, turn to trusted freight protection experts to develop a custom solution with your needs and budget in mind. 

Steps to Securing the Best Cargo Protection System 

Achieving the right cargo protection system for your products requires three key steps.

1. Assess Your Modality Needs

You must assess the modality of your shipping. Whether you use ocean, box car, intermodal, or over-the-road shipping, each carries specific safety challenges that shape the products and system you need. Your packaging partner is a vital asset here — they can help you determine what solutions are best for your shipping method. For ocean cargo, you may benefit from rubber friction matting and void filler, while boxcar cargo may need specialized void filler solutions based on whether the shipment is an open or closed car load. Trust your packaging partner and their expertise to help you discover the best fit. 

2. Assess Your Product Specifications 

Second, you must establish the needs of your products. The size, shape, and fragility of your product play a key role in its freight protection needs, and other products may have specialized features that must be accounted for to achieve maximum protection. For example, agricultural products often have unique humidity requirements that your packaging must support. For products that can be easily stacked, your packaging partner can help you design the most efficient plan for maximizing your use of the space and adding vital void filler support for strength and rigidity as needed. 

3. Partner with the Right Team 

The final and most important step in preparing your cargo protection system for success is to consult the experts and choose the best load securement partner. When you partner with a packaging provider that delivers custom support to help you design and implement your ideal protection system, you can leverage their leading expertise and industry partnerships to achieve the best results. You can also rely on their extensive support, on-site and off, to help prepare your team and set you up for success with custom load plans and training. 

Partner with Sunrise for Your Strategic Cargo Protection System 

At Sunrise Manufacturing, we’re dedicated to helping our customers achieve superior shipping with tailored solutions and high-quality products. When you require a cargo protection system tailored to your modality and product, count on our extensive line to ensure you get exactly what you need. From void filler and air bags to tape, matting, and more, we are equipped to design and support a system that keeps your products and teams protected from start to finish. 

In addition to our quality load securement solutions, we offer a wide array of resources and education and deliver custom load securement plans to every customer. We also offer on-site team training to ensure you’re equipped to leverage your new protection system the most safely and efficiently. 

Get in touch with our team today to protect your bottom line, products, and team with a better cargo protection system.